Ron Talks To Kristee

Ron & Comedian Kristee Ono talk human reproduction, drugs, buddhism, dating and what it’s like to be a living embodiment of “stuff white people like.” This episode also marks the return of the game “Who’s your daddy?”
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Ron Talks To Jane

Ron & Graphic Designer/Comic Jane Harrison (@janethesherm) talk growing up in Decatur, getting boobs, the power of John Mayer songs, sex & … oh look at the pretty balloons. Don’t forget to rate & review on iTunes.

Malala Yousafzai shares details of her run-in with the Taliban.


Marina Shifrin - Gone

On Gender And 'GTA 5'

Ever since I heard the first whispers of sexism-related controversy pertaining to GTA 5, this was a post I knew I was going to be writing eventually. It wouldn’t be Grand Theft Auto without some sort of drama, and as the initial “GTA has you torture” issue has been covered […]

Ron Talks To Nicole

Ron & Comedian Nicole Calasich (@calasich) talk zombie moms, crime & punishment, feminist studies and the makings of the “perfect” woman. Listen on Libsyn or get it on iTunes.

Ron Talks To Barbara

Ron & Comedian/Podcaster Barbara Gray (@babsgray) get drunk, disturb the sleep of her roommates and talk growing up around Mormons, previous incarnations, Lady To Lady and comedy! Subscribe via iTunes.

Ron Talks To Iris

Ron & Comedian Iris Benson (@benson_iris) talk depression, polyamory vs. monogamy, religion and comedy college. Get it here or subscribe via itunes.

GUEST: 10 Tips For Men Starting Out In Stand-Up | Cameron Esposito



As a comic, there’s one question I get all the time: why aren’t more men doing standup? There are a bunch of reason, but here’s 10 easy tips for men who want to get started in stand-up:

1. You are going to have to follow a comic who just used the mic as a vag. DO NOT let this throw you off. Just tell your jokes right into that vag!

2. If you are on a show with another male comic, you guys are in competition with one another! REMEMBER: one of you will have to be the hot one. Decide which ahead of time & tell the host. There will almost never be a third, so get really good at faceoffs.

3. Gay guys: the host will probably joke about having sex with you. This gives the audience the comfort to still find you attractive despite your “handicap.”

4. Straight guys: you are gonna be approached a lot by the audience and by other comics. Try to seem like you sort of hate it AND kind of like it, like be accessible AND aloof, but DO NOT SLEEP AROUND.

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Women to Watch - Anna Seregina

Anna Seregina (@touchingcheeses) is invested in Quantum Leap. She’s also one of the best reasons to see comedy in San Francisco. She has performed in Sketchfest, starred in a short film selected for the Cannes Film Festival, and this month she is taking up residence at The Business SF whose membership includes another RTTG favorite, Caitlin GIll. Holy fucking moly, you all are in for a treat. Enjoy the clip. Go see the show!